Joseph Berry

Hi, I am Joe Berry. I first gained interest in the technical side of theatre at the age of around 13 after having an invested interest in computers already, and have been building formal training and work experience for the start of my career since then.

I have a unique set of skills that are valuable to any production or production company and am able to confidently share my knowledge in things like Website Design, Content Management, Marketing, Social Media and even Server Management to the benefit of any production that I work on. This ties hand-in-hand with my technical skills for theatre as a budding sound engineer, lighting programmer and theatre technician.

With a Chartered Management Institute Qualification for Team Leadership, I have proven to be a strong team leader and I also have a background in working with Young People/ Youth Work as well as experience undertaking a supervising role for Technical Theatre Students in a full-size theatre. I have been working with computers for almost ten years and have great troubleshooting skills for live theatre environments which is proven by my Double Distinciton Star, Distinction grade in Technical Theatre as well as a fair amount of experience working in professional environments.

What do I do?

Theatre and Event Technician

With sound bias, I regularly work as a venue and production technician across theatres and productions across the UK, but mainly in Manchester.

Website Design

On the side of working as a technician, I regularly design & maintain websites for creatives within the entertainment industry. Especially those who have limited technical knowledge.

Sound Engineer and QLab Programmer

I regularly work on productions and with bands as a Sound Engineer / Sound 1. I frequently design shows and create complex QLab Programs as a part of my work.

Company Director

I currently run eStage Digital, a Website Design and Hosting company based in East London. The company specialises in making the website design process and managing a website easier for our industry.